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Austin Belisle (@austincbelisle) – the newest edition to Vikings Territory – joins the podcast to talk about the Minnesota Vikings and their journey through free agency, the Adrian Peterson (continued) drama, & the NFL Draft as we sail towards another season of the Purple.

The Vikings have been on the sidelines during free agency, while everyone and their mother spends like drunk sailors (*cough* Eagles *cough*), but as always we trust in Rick Speilman. It’s better to win in the fall & winter than win in March. In the meantime, let that cash & cap room pile up. Make Huell and Kuby want to lay on it in the storage unit.

Other piles of cash in a storage unit talking points include:
• I replied to a Twitter troll (I rarely do)
• Vikings News
• Free Agency: Arif’s live blog at Vikings Territory is “on fleek”
• Tom Johnson & Cullen Loeffler re-sign
• Shaun Hill or T-Jack as the backup QB?
• Free Agent targets the Vikings have shown interest in.
• The Mandatory Adrian Peterson Talking Point
• Bro Hug analysis
• Adrian doesn’t get to demand more money from the Vikings. Period.
• My Adrian Peterson trade prediction. #LockItUp
• Robert Griffith nominated for NFLPA Executive role
• Matt Birk will be NFL Commissioner.
• Sidney Rice – Donating brain to science
• 49ers sign Jerome Simpson – Bahahahahaahah
• Austin Belisle – Why Vikings Territory?
• Free Agent Frenzy
• Is Greg Jennings the #1 receiver?
• Thoughts on Adrian
• Could McKinnon be a featured back?
• Projecting year 2 of the Teddy & Zimmer Project
• #TeamCutOrRestructure – Greenway, Jennings, B-Rob
• Draft Priorities
• The Gauntlet
• Rick Swap: What would Austin do in Spielman’s chair?
• Next week on Purple FTW 106…

All of this and other “#TradrianPeterson” shenanigans on this edition of the Purple FTW! Podcast!

An Andy Carlson Joint.



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