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Arif Hasan (@ArifHasanNFL) drops in to talk NFL free agency and what moves our beloved Minnesota Fightin’ Vikings might make in it. The free agency floodgates open at 4pm ET on March 10th. This is a primer for who the Vikings might be talking a stab at to fill out the roster as we hurtle towards the draft and yet another beautiful season of Teddy, Zimmer, and NORVVVVVV!

Spendin’ Dat Cheddar Talking Points Include:
• Thoughts on the Cassel Trade. What does this mean for the backup QB spot? (T-JACK!)
• Zimmer & Spielman meet with Adrian. #BroHugs
• Adrian’s 2015 team is the ____?
Arif’s Adrian article made waves this week (Arfart)
• The Salary Cap: Facts, Myths, & Misconceptions
• How contract restructuring works & why teams do it
• In House Free Agents the Vikings should keep
• The BIG Name FAs – Chance Or No Chance?
• Arif’s Top-10 from his Vikings Journal FA List
• Andy’s Bottom Barrel Value Options: Smart or Nah?
• Freaky Friday: Arif swaps bodies with Spielman this offseason. What moves does he make in FA & the draft.

All of this and other “OOOO, should the Vikings sign ______?!” shenanigans on this edition of the Purple FTW! Podcast!

An Andy Carlson Joint.


Spoiler: Here's the defense Arif Spielman assembled

Spoiler: Here’s the defense Arif Spielman assembled



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