Purple FTW! Podcast: Vikings Brisket Talkers. Are the Bears Fake? Is Spielman Good? feat. Eric Eager (ep. 660)

The Minnesota Fightin’ Vikings are off bye and will be back in action on Sunday Night Football (weird flex but ok) taking on the Coddled Chicago Bears. We brought in longtimeĀ Friend of the Program Eric Eager (@PFF_Eric) of Pro Football Focus to chat about if the Bears are legit or not, how the Vikes can derail the Khalil Mack hype train, and if the Purple are indeed that Super Bowl darkhorse. Plus I ramble on about Rick Spielman being a great general manager and also some HOT brisket talk.

All that and more “Burnt Ends, Son” chatter on this edition of the Purple FTW! Podcast!

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Dedicated to the Pain AND Pleasure that is the Minnesota Vikings.

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