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Arif Hasan (@ArifHasanNFL) of Vikings Journal & Vikings Territory joins the show again to talk everything Minnesota Fightin’ Vikings. It IS the bye week for the Purple, but we’re still here grinding frankly because I… Have… No other hobbies or life.

The Purple Peeps Eater talking points include:
• What the hell’s going on with Adrian?
• Does 28 play in 2014? Is he a Viking in 2015?
• Mike Zimmer: State of the Union
• Dat Zimmer Hellfire Defense
• When does Harrison get extended? For how much?
• The Weekly Daily Referendum on Teddy Bridgewater
• Chase Ford = Kyle Rudolph in 2014
• Is Cordarrelle fixable?
• The future of Jerick McKinnon
• O-Line: Short term & Long term solutions
• What’s Phil Loadholt’s deal?
• 2014 Vikings Pro Bowlers (One name WILL shock you)
• Twitter/Facebook Qs
• The story behind Mike Freeman blocking Arif
• “You blocked the Arif, but you didn’t block the Deputy”

All that and other bye week jibber-jabber on this edition of the #PurpleFTW Podcast!

An Andy Carlson Joint.




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This Twitter comment wins the internet, btw.

This Twitter comment wins the internet, btw.




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