Episode 95 - Part 3

We round out our 2014 Vikings Wrap Up Extravaganza trilogy with an EPIC trilogy of those you know and love.

Arif Hasan (@ArifHasanNFL), Editor for Vikings Territory & Senior Writer at Vikings Journal joins us in segment one to eulogize the 2014 Vikings as well as look forward to a promising 2015.

At intermission, I regale you with a jaunty tune while paying up on my bet from Week 16 with Frank from The MN Skinny (@MNSkinny).

Then Di Murphy (@DiMurphyMN) and Ted Glover (@purplebuckeye) of The Daily Norseman bring it on home with some piping hot Vikings, shoe, and Buckeye takes. (Go Ducks)

All of this and other shenanigans on Part 3 of the 2014 Vikings Wrap Up Extravaganza!

An Andy Carlson Joint.





Listen to the Episode Below (1:18:47)

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