Halloween, Blue Door Pub, Indeed Brewing CompanyThe infographic pretty much says it all! Come join us Halloween night at the Blue Door Pub Como to watch the Vikings curbstomp the Bears on Monday Night Football and stick around for a LIVE recording of the Purple FTW! Podacst. I’ll be there with my man Luke Inman (and other guests TBD) to talk about the game and hand out some great Blue Door and Indeed Brewing Company SWAG. We’ll be piped in through the PA system as well, so it won’t be just a couple jabronis in the corner talking…

$3.50 Indeed taps and $5.50 wings from 7pm on plus late night Happy Hour. Ditch your lame ass Halloween parties and come hang with me at Blue Door Monday night.

Dedicated to the Pain AND Pleasure that is the Minnesota Vikings.

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