The Joe Webb Dynasty in Minnesota is over.

The Wide Receiver Quarterback Wide Receiver Quarterback signed a 1-year deal with Carolina on Friday.

The Panthers will use Webb as a QB since he has skills more suited to be a backup in a Cam Newton-style of offense than — you know — Derek Anderson.

I still believe the previous coaching regime did Webb wrong here in Minnesota, first Childress then Leslie. Constantly flip-flopping him between the QB and WR meeting rooms surely stunted his growth in both areas. If Webb could have studied the craft of one position for 4-years — uninterrupted — he could have become a serviceable contributor in that role instead of now being on the fringes of an NFL roster.

Different team or not, Joe Webb is still the answer to the trivia question: “Who was the last Minnesota Viking QB to start a playoff game?” But hopefully he won’t hold that distinction for too much longer.

Here’s some of Blazer’s highlights in the Purple: