PODCAST! – Week 11: Vikings-Bears Preview – Bears WAY Down with Howard Sinker

Cutler Goosebumps

Jay Cutler is God’s gift to the internet.

Life-long Bears fan Howard Sinker (@fansview) of the Star Tribune and MPR joins the podcast to take a look behind enemy lines as we preview Sunday’s Vikings-Bears clash at Solider Field.

The Bears (3-6) are coming off two straight humiliating losses, fans are questioning Cutler AND Trestman’s future with the team, and the locker room is on the verge of collapse. (This is all very 2013 Vikings-ish, fwiw)

Hopefully Zimmer’s Wild Boyz can be the straw that breaks the proverbial camel’s back on Sunday as the Vikings try to get their 1st win in Chicago since 2007.

The Camel Back Breaking Talkie Points Today Include:
• The Bears’ 55-14 loss @ Green Bay in One Word.
• Marc Trestman (The PRIDE of St Louis Park) & Jay Cutler’s future with the Bears.
• Mel Tucker should not be a defensive coordinator. Anywhere.
• Is Brandon Marshall focused?
• Defensive FA flops: Jared Allen & Lamarr “I sacked Jimmy Garoppolo” Houston.
• Peanut Tillman & Lance Briggs aren’t long for this league.
• Kyle Fuller is legit.
• Matt Forte & Alshon Jeffery are aight.
• Andy suggests a big name head coach to replace Trestman in 2015.
• Is Teddy B the real deal for the Vikings?
• A Teddy/Cutler Cyborg would be the perfect QB.
• Thoughts on Adrian playing in 2014 and beyond.
• Howard thinks McKinnon is more McCluster than Charles.
• Rex Ryan = Bears 2015 Defensive Coordinator.
• Final Score Prediction: 31-28
• Di Murphy Love Monologue. #Paleo
• Young Mike Ditka Autograph stories.
• Young Mike Ditka looks like the U of Georgia mascot. #UGA
• Controversy: The Best Deep Dish Pizza in Chicago is ____.
• The Best Juicy Lucy in the Twin Cities is ____?
• “Brian’s Song” made us both cry. (Not ashamed)
• Macalester Fighting Scots Football Love
• Minnesota Twins Talk: Why isn’t Doug Mientkiewicz the Manager?
• Professor Sinker’s advice to aspiring writers.

All that and other Jay Cutler is Bae jibber-jabber on this edition of the #PurpleFTW Podcast!

An Andy Carlson Joint.




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