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Your bracket is toast, time to get back to Vikings football! Tom Schreier (@tschreier3) of Cold Omaha and 105 The Ticket joins the show to talk about the latest Minnesota Vikings news, what big things are going down at the Twin Cities newest sports radio station on the rise, as well as Tom’s path in the world of sports journalism at the co-founding of CO.

The Vikings continue to show that they’re truly a year round spectacle as there’s always news/drama brewing as we saw last week with Mike Wallace & the Pounceys, the latest stare-down between Spielman and Adrian’s camp, as well as Adrian birthday camel. Because why not. If AP doesn’t want to be a Viking, at least he can be Aladdin.

Other Adrian Camel talking points include:
• The Vikings are Villanova
• The Mandatory Adrian Peterson talking point
• Zimmer wants  Teddy to get heavy
• Jerick McKinnon wants to “be that guy” in 2015
• Mike Wallace is a Coward according to the Pouncey brothers
• Vikings West working out – All over Social Media
• Vikings hire new assistant DL coach Rob Rodriguez (Also an unprovoked Mike Price cheap shot)
• Vikings Free Agency Update
• The Steve LaCroix Greg Jennings Joke. Not a big deal
• Feature Interview with Tom Schreier
• What is Cold Omaha?
• His start in writing. Working with 105 The Ticket
• Thoughts on Adrian
• Take on Rick’s laid back Free Agency approach
• Mike Wallace vs Greg Jennings
• What can Teddy become?
• Norv Turner love. Great OC, terrible HC
• Mike Zimmer’s head coaching style. Sustainable long term?
• Can Cordarrelle bounce back?
• The Gauntlet
• 2015: Leading Rusher, Breakout Player & Record Prediction
• The Ultimate Christian Ponder Revenge Scenario
• Tom’s favorite types of interviews & columns
• Twitter Qs
• Who should the Vikings Draft at 11?
• What’s coming up from 105 The Ticket & Cold Omaha

All of this and other  shenanigans on this edition of the Purple FTW! Podcast!

An Andy Carlson Joint.



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