Week 1: Vikings-Niners Recap

000 - FTW 164 - WebsiteThe Minnesota Fightin’ Vikings started out the 2015 season with a turd in the punch bowl Monday night/Tuesday morning in Santa Clara, falling to the San Francisco 49ers 20-3 in a game that wasn’t even that close. We recap the grease fire that was on today’s show and promise not to be ALL doom and gloom!

Also Mugsy threw up in my mouth towards the end of the show. So there’s that…

Other “The Vikings Had 6 Preseason Games” Talkers Include
• Why I like watching games alone
• The WORST kinds of Vikings fans
• Blown Opportunities
• Calling Out Mike Zimmer
• Where Was Adrian?
• Teddy Looked Like a Rookie Quarterback
• The Offensive Line is as Advertised
• Wide Receiver Corps Was Grounded
• The Defense Didn’t Arrive in California
• Anthony Barr – Lone Bright Spot
• Sendejo Starting over Blanton. Mixed Bag
• Special Teams Shined, But Opportunites Squandered
• Blair Walsh……
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All that and other “Start Over” nonsense on this edition of the Purple FTW! Podcast!

An Andy Carlson Joint.

Listen to the Episode Below (46:24)

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