Vikings-Niners Recap: Look What You Made Me Do

Purple FTW! Podcast: Vikings-Niners Recap - Look What You Made Me Do (ep. 403)

The Minnesota Fightin’ Vikings overcame the ineptness of their 1st team offense and defense and were led to victory 32-31 over the San Francisco 49ers by their diminutive 4th string quarterback from Old Dominion. It was classic Vikings. Have the backups stage a massive comeback so the fans forget how bad the starters played in the first half. But Pepperridge Farm remembers. We recap the story lines from the dressed rehearsal preseason game.

Today’s Talkers Include
• 1st Team Offense Looks Like _____.
• Laquon Treadwell Debut
• The Starting Offensive Line. YAY
• What Happened to the Zimmer Hellfire Defense?
• Pierre Garcon Owned Trae Waynes
• The Mandatory Tashawn Bower Talking Point
• Start Antone Exum
• Stacy Coley or Rodney Adams
• Leftovers

All that and more “THIS IS FINE” chatter on this edition of the Purple FTW! Podcast!

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Dedicated to the Pain AND Pleasure that is the Minnesota Vikings.

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  1. Teddy Time! At this point I might even settlle for Keenum Time! Bradford…man…just terrible…drive killing sacks…insta-checkdowns.

  2. Your young, I will forgive you. That being said, you need to study up on Fran Tarkenton’s first tour with the Vikings, beginning with his rookie year when he came off on if you tge bench to win a game that was lost. Then tell me you think that Heinicke sucked so bad.

    Head Coach, Van Brocklyne (sp?) wanted to cut Tarkenton so bad he got ulcers watching him running around as he tried to keep a play alive.

    Heinicke can be a lot like Tarik and forgive me, but also Flutie who always won but no one wanted him. They all wanted the perfect QB, and I thank God that Bud liked Fran.

    I should know, I loved to watch him as I grew up in Duluth. All my friends liked the Pack, but I like the the Vikings, even when they sucked.

    I digress, Heinicke is a young guy and he did something stupid last year , I now look at him as a true rookie. If they keep him on the practice squad, I think he can turn into a good QB that the fans, wherever he ends up, will always root for.

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