Vikings Battle General Luck at Wounded Knee

Minnesota Vikings-Indianapolis ColtsAs the Minnesota Fightin’ Vikings prepare to take the field of battle versus Lieutenant General Andrew Jerome Luck and the Indianapolis Colts Cavalry Sunday at Historic US Bank Stadium, we hold down the home front and run through a litany of Purple talkers on a Wednesday.

Today’s Bayonet Charge Talking Points Include
• Mike Zimmer’s a Tough Son of a Gun
• Adrian Peterson Returns to Practice
• Vikings Headed to London, Again
• Toby Johnson Come on Down!
• The Salary Cap is Going Up
• Playoff Mentality
• Adam Thielen’s Season is Amazing
• NFL Changes A Crucial Catch Parameters
The JCPenney Commercial is the Dumbest Commercial Ever

All that and more “The Savage Norsemen with the One-Eyed Leader” chatter on this edition of the Purple FTW! Podcast!

An Andy Carlson Joint


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Dedicated to the Pain AND Pleasure that is the Minnesota Vikings.

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  1. Hi,New to your blog via blogs of note, and absolutely loved it. My elder daughter is the rules-loving one, while the younger is the rebel. By the way, I’m from far off India, but can I join in the monthly write-in cotpemitions? They sound like fun.

  2. no aspetta non è un problema riguardante la domanda e il concetto in sè…è un problema riguardante la ripetitività con cui iononstoconoriana scrive ovunque in qualsiasi intervento sempre questa domanda, dando un immagine abbastanza autistica, senza offesa, di sè…premetto che non sono studente medio- nè universitario da un pò di anni…purtroppo o per fortuna, io, in questo momento non ho la fortuna (?) di averlo un lavoro…

  3. I agree that this look has to be accomplished correctly to achieve a ‘put together’ final product. Your examples are lovely. I like how they’ve used the black and gold in the same space in the second two examples. Against the white it’s quite dramatic.

  4. Happy New Year Lauren! I really laughed when I saw the first pic of your dad. I made a ribbed tuque for my dad last year and it was like he didn’t know how to fold the brim or something. I swear I didn’t knit it with a pointy gnome top!Laura recently posted..

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