Vikings 53-Man Roster Projections + @JReidDraftScout

Purple FTW! Podcast: Vikings 53-Man Roster Projections + @JReidDraftScout (ep. 404)

Roster cut downs go from 90 all the way to 53 at the end of the week. I think the Minnesota Fightin’ Vikings squadron is already set in stone and the 4th preseason game (barring injury, *knock on wood*) will have little to no effect on who makes at least $465,000 this season and who goes and works at Foot Locker. We’ll talk through my official Vikings 53-man roster projection (follow along here) plus Jordan Reid (@JreidDraftScout) of Vikings Territory/Climbing the Pocket makes his weekly stop to recap Vikes-Niners.

All that and more “I Made the Rooster!” chatter on this edition of the Purple FTW! Podcast!

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Dedicated to the Pain AND Pleasure that is the Minnesota Vikings.

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  1. Heinicke can be put on the practice squad. He is elegable, but they could save practice squad space if he just put him on injured reserve.

    As fir your comment about us so-called old timers. I was once young and cared more about the present. However when I was like 20, which was in 1976, an old timer friend of mine who was like 45 at the time, gave me a great book on the history of the NFL. He told me that I needed learn why the game is so great.

    After reading it I had more respect fir guys who retired before I was born. Do yourself a favor and learn about the men who made this game what it is.

    I would love to talk to you some time. I actually live in the town where Arron Rodgerswent to high school and attended community college because he never got an invite out of high school to play anywhere.

    Trust me when I say you have no clue what it is like to wake up o e day to learn your chosen adopted town became Green Bay of California. Heck, they even prayed fir his success in the Super Bowl at my church. You would have thought my fellow perishoners gave up Christ to worship Rodgers and the Pack.

    Anyway, when I was in the service, stationed Germany, I bet my Months ration of cigarettes that the Vikes would beat the Steelers in the Super Bowl. You know how that went.

    I wanted to tell you that the only reason the Chiefs beat the Vikings was Gatorade. Yes, a drink created by the u I resurgence of Florida approached Al Hunt ad asked if they could test their new flyidin thebig game.

    The game was played in Florida on a very hot day. A time of the year when the Norse men were used to -20 weather. The Chiefs were refreshed, the Vikings were dehidrated and tired before the hand even started. They never had a chance. The vaunted defense was so weak they could not keep up the the chiefs who were down for gaterade by the gallons.

    I pray that we can meet the in the Super Bowl one day, but what is the chance he NFL will tell them they can only drink water while the Vikings get Gatorade? Yea you know the answer.

    The Rolphins were superior to us wth their running game. By the time they played the Steelers and Raiders the Vikings were too old to stop them.

    I accept all but the Chiefs loss, but the NFL and AFL had too much money on the line not to allow the Chiefs to win. Just like the game the Saints beat the Vikes, sometimes the game is more important than an honest win.

    Interesting his the Saints ended the career of three NFL two NFL players and but fir Denvers vaunted Defense they pretty much ended Manning career also.

    It was all about New Orleans and Katrins’sdedtruction. Why else did the NFL waist u to be next year to penalize the Sai team, instead of during the games when their late hits on Warner. Caved, and Manning were more than evident?,

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