A very special holiday message from Purple FTW!








 ‘Twas a coach named Mike Zimmer, and all through his team

Mediocre was not acceptable, if you know what I mean

Teddy Bridgewater is the future, all Vikings fans hope

We felt the same about Ponder, but now we look like big dopes


The Fans will be at the bank, all snug in their Vikings gear

Hoping to end on a high note, a hip flask of fireball be near

The Bears coming in, we will put Cutler on his back

Jared Allen is coming home, but he won’t get a sack


The offense is rolling, with many missing this season

Injuries and off field stuff, are all the main reasons

IN is Charles Johnson, OUT is Cordarrelle Flash

Matt Kalil is out too, next season might be his last


But that Defense is rolling, even with a few hitches

This ain’t 2013, the year we all looked like… Fools

Harrsion Smith is an All-Pro, Everson should be too.

Anthony Barr’s better than Clowney, who would have thought or would have knew


Mike Zimmer is blunt, and he pulls no punches

He’s got no time for BS, guesses or hunches

He was the kick in the pants this team did need

Now get him some weapons to finish the deed


Teddy Bridgewater’s the man, even on those skinny knees

He started driving this offense after he got the keys

Throws with anticipation, way than better than Manziel

and all of the haters Teddy can go straight to hell

“Now CJ, Now Rudolph”

Now Jennings and Wright”

On B-Rob, on Xavier

That coverage so tiught.

To the top of the North

To the top of them all

Now do your thing do your thing

Vikings Football!!!


2015 is the season we all anticipate

A division title in the offing, or at least 8 and 8

Mike Zimmer and Teddy, our future’s pristine

Skol Vikings to all, and Super Bowl 2015




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