Minnesota Vikings fans HAVE to feel good about their divisional chances after watching the Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears commit seppuku on national television. What a terrible game played by two terrible quarterbacks and two okay defenses.

So right now, Vikings fans are probably chomping at the bit to get some action down on the Vikes to take the NFC North.

Let’s discuss the Vikings’ divisional odds. They’re currently tied with the Packers for second place at +200 while the Chicago Bears are fighting to say in first with odds at +170 (via this online betting site). The odds see it as a virtual toss up between the Packers, Bears, and Vikings. But with the revamped offensive line, re-commitment to the running game, and Kirk Cousins being protected; I think the Vikes have to be prohibitive favorites to reclaim the divisional throne. Especially given how both squads looked on Thursday night football.

I’m taking those odds everyday and twice on Sunday.