This could still happen.


What I wouldn’t give to be at that dinner. I’d even just order a salad, no beer, and be polite… (Maybe)

Johnny Manziel had his Pro Day Thursday and looked good. Even in his helmet and shoulder pads for some reason.

There’s still question marks about how his game translates to the NFL and those questions could leave him available when the Vikings pick at #8.

We’ve stated before that we’re in love with Garoppolo and Bridgewater, but Johnny F Football is a very close bronze medalist.

He would bring excitement and grittiness the Purple haven’t seen since Francis Tarkenton hung em up so many years ago.


Highlighted in Gruden’s QB Camp last night, THIS was the one play that defines Johnny Manziel to me.

During the 2012 season, A&M is on Louisiana Tech’s three-yard line, up 39-23. Trying to seal the deal. Johnny hands off to Christine Michael and he fumbles at the one. LA Tech scoops it up and it’s going the other way.

Not ONLY does Johnny chase down the linebacker (thinking he’s going 99-yards for a TD on Sportscenter), but he strips the guy and another LA tech dude recovers THAT fumble. JFF then tackles THAT guy. All of this about 70 yards down field.

99% of QBs would have called it a day for that play. Let the defender score, got the ball back and go back to work.

But not Johnny.

La Tech didn’t score on that drive and Texas A&M won by two points, 59-57.

In the grand scheme of things that one heart and hustle play was MONSTEROUS.

THAT is Johnny Football in a nutshell. He’ll do anything to win and if we can get 52 guys just like him, we’ll win those dozen Lombardi’s we’re always talking about. Easily.




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