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The People VS The Minnesota Vikings [PODCAST]

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Episode 107 – Vikings Camel Brackets with Tom Schreier of Cold Omaha & 105 The Ticket – Purple FTW! Podcast

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Greg Jennings: Nice Guy. Justifiable Cut.

Image courtesy of Vikings.com

Image courtesy of Vikings.com

[Note: This is a cross-post of a column I wrote over at Vikings Territory.]


“Why’d the Vikings cut him? He was such a nice guy.”

That seemed to be the overriding sentiment when the Vikings announced they had cut bait with soon to be 32-year old wide receiver Greg Jennings Saturday afternoon, only two years into a five-year $47.5 million deal ($18m guaranteed). Not impassioned pleas of “He’s still a #1 receiver” or “Jennings still has something left in the tank”, those came after all of the nice guy pinings – and then to a much lesser degree. Continue reading

PODCAST! – Episode 106 – Will Adrian Peterson Decline? with Brad Davis

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PODCAST! – Episode 105 – Vikings Breaking Free Agency with Austin Belisle

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PODCAST! – 9.9 Hot Vikings Takes!

Episode 99 -Twitter-Website

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Purple FTW! Podcast – Week 15 – Vikings-Lions Recap – Eaten Alive

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Still more entertaining than the snake show.

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Vikings Fall to the Lions 16-14

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PODCAST! – Vikings-Packers Recap – #GrapeGate

Bet the jerk calls it "soda" too.

Bet the jerk calls it “soda” too.

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PODCAST – Vikings-Packers Preview – Lactose Intolerance with Eric Thompson – Daily Norseman

Episode 81


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