For the first time ever, we’re opening our doors to sponsorship partners that would like to share their message to our carefully cultivated audience. Our unique format in podcasting allows us to offer sponsorship opportunities to fit EVERY marketing budget.

Above all, we’re looking for PARTNERS in this endeavor. Sponsorship partners that will appeal to our avatar and serve our audience as we serve them. We believe in sponsorship arrangements that will be beneficial for all parties involved: the sponsors, Purple FTW!, and the audience.

Let us share your message and product/service via prominently placed ads and reads on our podcast, themed events around your message, as well as traditional add placements on our website. You will find our rates are significantly lower than traditional mediums as we have much lower overhead. Lower prices will allow you to reach potential customers more efficiently and at a might higher ROI for your marketing dollar.

Win. Win. Win.

DLDownload the 2015 Sponsor Prospectus (PDF)



• Captive Audience
• Motivated Listenership
• Measurable Success
• Targeted Demographic
• Rapidly Growing Medium
• Authentic Messages Delivered by Host
• Affordability – Your Marketing Dollar Goes Further than Advertising on Traditional Mediums Like Radio, TV, Print, etc
• Highest ROI for your Marketing Budget
• More Engagements per Ad than Radio



If you’d like to receive more information about working with Purple FTW!, please contact us below.




The Purple FTW! Podcast is the podcast “Dedicated to the Pain AND Pleasure that is the Minnesota Vikings”.

Born in 2013, the Purple FTW! Podcast has grown exponentially via grassroots movements and social media to develop a cult following and has become the most downloaded independent Minnesota Vikings podcast today. The show has produced 129 Episodes to date (as of June 23rd, 2015), with an average of 15,000 unique downloads per month. For the 2015 season, Purple FTW! Will shift to a three-episode-per-week format and expects to see even more significant growth in our listenership.

Host Andy Carlson is NOT a Journalist or Reporter, merely a jackass fan with a microphone. His tongue in cheek/everyman” schtick has endeared himself to the his audience. He doesn’t pretend to be an expert (like most so-called experts on TV/Radio), he’s just a fan like them. That resonates in a fashion no other Minnesota football show does.


Purple FTW! – The Podcast dedicated to the Pain AND Pleasure that is the Minnesota Vikings.

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