FTW 116 - WebsiteThe future crop of Minnesota Fightin’ Vikings players is on the horizon. That’s why we had Jackson McIntire (@jackmack28) of The Viking Age join the show to talk about some potential future Purple People Eaters as well as highlight a few of his draft articles, The Big Board, and his latest Mock Draft.

Dolla Dolla Bills, Ya’ll Points Include:
• How Jackson became a Vikings fan in LA
• Thoughts on the 2014 Vikings
• Teddy Love
• Zim & Norv Assessment
• Marcus Peters: The Draft’s Best CB
• Todd Gurley: Generational Talent
• What makes Amari Cooper so good?
• Taking stock of the Edge Rushers. Which would be a good fit?
• Could Bud Dupree be this year’s Anthony Barr?
• Byron Jones Scouting Report
• Questions about Jackson’s Top-50 Big Board
• We Mock Draft to Pick #11
• Sleepers to Watch: Steven Nelson and Tevin McDonald
• Jackson’s STONE COLD HOT TAKE (Warning: HOT)
• The Gauntlet
• Best Draft analyst is?
• Adrian Peterson’s 2015 team is?
• Over under 9.5 wins for the 2015 Vikings?
• Better record in 2015-16 season – Lakers or Wolves?
• Would you trade Teddy straight up for Aaron Rodgers?

All that and other “No, Eric Kendricks. Not Kendrick Lamar” chatter on this edition of the Purple FTW! Podcast!

An Andy Carlson Joint.



Listen to the Episode Below (54:51)

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