Purple FTW! Partners with Vikings Territory

Purple FTW

New year, new opportunities for Purple FTW! as we and Vikings Territory have agreed on a partnership for 2015. I was going to make it a marriage analogy, but working partnership (ala True Detective) is more probably more appropo. Plus I’m OBVIOUSLY Rust. (Obviously)

Vikings Territory has been cranking out high quality, low rube content for going on five years now. We’ve had many of their contributors on the show this season: Lindsey Young, Carl Knowles, Darren Page, Arif, and co-founder Adam Warwas. Purple FTW! will be the exclusive provider of podcasts and podcast accessories over at VT.

Hopefully the high standards of VT & the nonsensically whimsey of Purple FTW! will coalesce into a beautiful hotdish of Vikings goodness as we ramp up for one of the most anticipated seasons in franchise history.

I’m equal parts humbled and excited for this opportunity. VT was one of my favorite reads, even before I started mumbling into a mic, whenever I wanted some Vikings takes beyond the two fish wrap factories.

Should be a great partnership. Let’s go get The Yellow King.




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  1. That cover picture is ridiculously awful. But I’m digging it.

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