This fly-by-night Twitter fad seems to be sticking around.

Time to compile a list of our favorite Vikings related Twitterers.

Now we skipped over the obvious ones: @Vikings, @VikingsPR, @VikingsProShop and players like @AdrianPeterson, @GregJennings, @CPonder7.

Because those tweets are generally fluff or advertisements and go through 9 levels of PR scrubbing before being unleashed on the world.

We like our tweets like we like our Camels — unfiltered.

So no official team affiliated accounts on the list and only a few select current and former players that actually put stuff out there on Twitter beyond the usual, buttoned up corporate Twit dribble.


The general criteria for a spot on the list is:

Purple FTW Approved: Twitter Criteria
1. Be informative
2. Be funny
3. Be kinda both


Being a Fan at heart (I never want to be considered anything close to a journalist because they — you know — have standards & ethics), I follow every single account personally and find each one either useful for information or good for teh lolz.

This list is OBVIOUSLY not in any particular order (I mean check out #52, why would it be last?), and if you feel strongly that someone got snubbed — or should be gon’ from the list — let me know (preferably on the Twitterbox: @PurpleForTheWin).

We can easily add/subtract them to the list. This will be a living, breathing document of Vikings Twitter goodness reference and 52 is a rather arbitrary number anyways.

Read the list. Follow them all. Live a more fulfilled life.


[Edit 4:09pm CDT] I should have named it “The 53-man Twitter Roster”… **Throws computer out window**


1 PA @Pakfanvikes Voice of the Vikings and Unashamed Homer. Love him. #Faith.
2 Fran Tarkenton @Fran_Tarkenton Our franchise’s George Washington. Big fan interactor too.
3 Ben Leber @nacholeber Funny. Not afraid. Has a bright future in radio ahead of him.
4 Brian Robison @Brian_Robison Hope you like pictures of fishing and food.
5 Michael Rand – Randball @Randball Blogger for Star Trib. Warped sense of humor like yours truly.
6 Randball Stu @RandBallsStu Can’t have one without the other.
7 Chris Tomasson @christomasson The man’s underrated. True grinder. Love him.
8 Cordarrelle @ceeflashpee84 Bahahahaaha. He’s so fun!
9 Jim Souhan @SouhanStrib He still does things.
10 Mike Wobschall @wobby Objective with opinions even though he works for the team. You gotta respect that. Big with fan interaction too.
11 Mark Rosen @WCCORosen Legend. **Drop Mic**
12 Darren Campbell @KickassblogVike Blogtastic. Me likey.
13 Corey Chavous @CoreyChavous The man does work.
14 Judd Zulgad @1500ESPNJudd Always solid takes. Interacts with fans a lot on the Twitter machine. Always a plus
15 Judd Zulgad’s Hoodie @JZHoodie Parody account that’s more entertaining than Judd.
16 Blair Walsh @BlairWalsh3 Actual content. Instagram fiend. Will occasionally troll Cordarrelle.
17 Darren Wolfson @DarrenWolfson They did Doogie wrong at KFAN. Still holding it down for KSTP.
18 The Vikings Age @TheVikingAge Self proclaimed “web’s most flavorful Minnesota Vikings blog”. I concur
19 Matthew Stensrud @MattStensrud Bleacher Report. Likes Mack & Garoppolo. We are kindred spirits.
20 Ted Glover @purplebuckeye Writer for Daily Norseman. Aaron Craft apologist.
21 The Daily Norseman @DailyNorseman SB Nation’s Vikings branch. Good resource, good sense of humor.
22 Sam Ponder @sam_ponder She blocked me. So there’s that.
23 Arif Hasan @ArifHasanNFL He knows more football than you. In a good way.
24 Vikings Territory @vikingterritory Arif is Editor-in-Chief. Always good stuff.
25 Jerome Simpson @Rome081 Every 1st Down is the Super Bowl.
26 Mark Craig @markcraignfl Writer for the Star Trib. Good stuff. Gives actual opinions.
27 Kevin Seifert @SeifertESPN Carl Gerbschmidt, I mean Kevin does a great job as NFC North blogger.
28 Randy Moss @RandyMoss Get your 84 jersey’s out. Most is dribble, but occasionally he’ll beef (and quickly delete).
29 Di Murphy @DiMurphyMN Sidekick on the short lived Jeff Dubay Podcast. She’s the cool mom we all wanted growing up.
30 Dan Barreiro @DanBarreiroKFAN Legend. Love or hate him. Plus give me 10 chances to spell his last name, I’ll miss 12 times.
31 Master Tesfatsion ‏ @MasterStrib Star Trib reporter. Fairly entertaining.
32 Tom Pelissero @TomPelissero USA Today. Formerly ESPN 1500. Still a Vikings guy at heart, imo.
33 Dan Cole – Common @CommonManKFAN Am I a troll too if I agree with most of his Preposterous Statements?
34 Eric Sugarman @EricSugarATC Vikings Head Trainer. Personality. Loves donuts.
35 Patrick Donnelly @donnelly612 ESPN1500/Startrib. The dude is funny.
36 Ben Goessling @GoesslingESPN Current ESPN NFL Nation Vikings reporter (formerly Pioneer Press). Bright kid, big future.
37 Vikings Fan Page @Kevin_VFP He HATES Aaron Murray.
38 Jon Krawczynski @Apkrawczynski AP writer who mainly covers NBA, but we won’t hold that against him. (And no, he’s not the guy from The Office)
39 Mike Morris @thesuperstar68 Superstar! Now on 105 The Ticket.
40 MN Vikings Cheerleaders @MVCheerleaders Because. Cheerleaders
41 AJ Mansour @AjKFAN Resident grinder at KFAN. His Top 25 Metrodome Moments list was #ELITE
42 Vikings SB Watch @VikingsSBWatch Handy guide to tell you if the Vikings won the Super Bowl today.
43 Mike Nelson @mike_e_nelson Bleacher Report grinder. Enjoy his takes, agree with most, respect all of them.
44 Fake Mike Zimmer @fakemikezimmer The best of the Mike Zimmer Parody Accounts.
45 Jeff Dubay @JeffDubay He’ll be back. Immensely talented, but…
46 Strib Comments @StribComments Relays real Vikings Fans comments from the Star Trib online. Prepare to laugh your arse off.
47 Corey Fuller @CoreyFuller4 DB turned Motivational Speaker. Fun to interact with.
48 Cris Carter @criscarter80 Love him. Tweets about nice weather too much though. #Florida
49 Chris Kluwe @ChrisWarcraft Hate him or put up with him, he has no filter. Which makes for entertaining tweets.
50 Purple People Podcast @PurplePeoplePod Direct competitor, but I don’t care. We raise all boats here on Purple FTW.
51 Sid Hartman @SidHartman Gotta respect longevity and hail to Caesar. No word on who actually tweets for him though.
52 Andy Carlson @PurpleForTheWin A little self promotion never hurt anyone. This is ‘Merica, son.




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