Zimmer Im The Boss

Like a…

The Minnesota Vikings offense failed to show up in a 17-3 home loss to the Detroit Lions. We sift through the rubble to pull out a few cogent talkie points about the game.

Cogent tastiness on the level of:
• Teddy Time Was Meh
• The Offensive Line is Still a Major Issue
• #FreedMcKinnon
• Anthony Barr is a Man
• That Zimmer Hellfire Defense is Developing
• Cordarrelle Ain’t Healthy
• Chase Ford Love
• Zimmer is the Boss
• #PurpleFTW Helmet Stickers

All that and other and lots more schutff on this edition of the #PurpleFTW Podcast.

An Andy Carlson Joint.



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[Photo Credit: Deadspin – Photoshop]

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