Barr >>> Bowser

Barr >>> Bowser

Purple FTW! Podcast – Week 8 Vikings-Bucs Recap – Anthony (Level Boss) Barr

The Minnesota Fightin’ Vikings went into Tampa and emerged with a 19-13 OT win as Anthony Barr stepped up and into the limelight with a walk-off strip and fumble return for a TD.

The Vikings (3-5) still have a glimmer of hope for 2014. We dig into all of the hope as we recap the Week 8 Vikings-Buccaneers brewhaha.

Recap Talkies Include
1. Anthony MF Barr
2. Teddy Time
3. Cordarrelle Stepping Up
4. For the Love of All That is Holy #FEEDMcKINNON
5. Chase Ford Love
6. Mandatory Offensive Line Talking Point
7. Dat Zimmer Hellfire Defense
8. Everson Griffen. Sneaky Great Season
9. Special Teams Chat
10. #PurpleFTW Helmet Stickers

All that and other Victorious Tampa Talkies on this edition of the #PurpleFTW Podcast!

An Andy Carlson Joint.




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