Tyler joined me for a guerrilla ambush episode.

Even less prep (somehow) than normal shows, just a lot of shoot from the hip talk and opinions about big sports topics of the day.

Hip shots like:
-Biggest Vikings winner of the preseason.
-TWolves introduction at the MN State Fair.
-Josh Shaw & USC. (Sark shoulda stayed in Washington)
-Notre Dame academic scandal.
-Roger Goodell admitting he was wrong on Ray Rice. Stiffens domestic violence punishments.
-Josh Gordon is a dummy.
-Marijuana in the NFL.
-Adrian Peterson as a Dallas Cowboy.
-Jim Harbaugh will end up in Ann Arbor next season.
-Wes Welker & concussions. Why continue?

All that and six bags of chips on the Purple FTW! Podcast

An Andy Carlson Joint.




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[Photo Credit:Minnesota State University]

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