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The offseason of love continues this week as Christopher Gates, founder of The Daily Norseman (@DailyNorseman) joins us from Europe as we discuss the latest about the Minnesota Vikings.

EuroVikes Talking Points Include:
• Vikings News
• Kevin Warren Promoted to COO
• McKinnon Rehabbing
• Bye, Jerome
• How Chris Started The Daily Norseman with SB Nation
• His Top-3 Favorite Vikings of All-Time
• Christian Ponder Ponderings
• Why Antoine Winfield always had two pair playing cards at Canterbury.
• Do the Vikings REALLY Want Adrian Back or is this all poker?
• Mandatory Adrian Peterson Talking Point
• Overall Thoughts on the 2014 Vikings
• Chris’ Article: Mike Zimmer is a Rare Breed
• Teddy. Summarized
• My Take: Rick Spielman is a Top-3 GM
• One Guy Chris Would Stand on the Table for in the NFL Draft (Think: Kazaam)
• My Conspiracy Theory About the New Bird Killer Stadium
• Chris’ Stone Cold Hot Take
• The Gauntlet
• Who Would Play Who in “DN: The Movie”? (WE FORGOT ARIF!)
The Daily Norseman Mock Draft Database

All of this and other “In Rick We Trust” shenanigans on the Purple FTW! Podcast!

An Andy Carlson Joint.



Listen to the Episode Below (1:27:31)

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