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Super Bowl Done. On to my 2nd favorite sport… HOT TAKE SEASON!

We’ve got some Vikings related HOT TAKES for your ear sensory organs. Now they’re not “STONE COLD HOT TAKES”, but they still have a little sizzle and should be enough to warm your heart even on the coldest winter day.

So grab some cocoa, put on the Netflix fake fire, and let Andy & Purple FTW burn down the house with Episode 99!

• Darrell Bevell will NEVER be an NFL Head Coach
• We’ve got OUR Brady & Belichick
• Jerick McKinnon will become a better Shane Vereen
• Greg Jennings is being Passive-Aggressive
• Benchwarmer Bob is 100% Right
• Duron Carter is Just a Guy (JAG)
• Manziel will be out of Football in 3-Years
• I don’t feel bad for Kevin Williams
• Mick Tingelhoff should have been in the HOF YEARS ago
• 99% of Fan Reaction Videos are Fake.

All of this and other “But I Died” shenanigans on the Purple FTW! Podcast!

An Andy Carlson Joint.



Listen to the Episode Below (48:01)

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  1. A minute in and I just can’t stand the ridiculous negativity. History is important but get over it. The future is bright and dwelling on stuff just keeps us down. Get rid of the Troy Williamson draft announcement, put in Teddy, just be happy.

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