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Show Love. For Mugsy!

Show Love. For Mugsy!

We know you love the show, or at minimum tolerate us. And we love being independent! It allows me to have irrational vendettas against Robert Blanton & Jamarca Sanford without recourse! But if you’re the Captain of an independent Viking Warship like me, you need a few things to keep on exploring. Supplies for the men, weapons for the warriors, and provisions for the long journeys and adventures.

That’s where we need the support of the entire #PurpleFTW Tribe!

There’s a variety of ways you can support the show. Some by doing what you would do normally, just under our banner!


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  1. Click thru our Amazon link.
  2. Bookmark the Amazon landing page.
  3. Every time you shop on Amazon (which you do already!) use the bookmark and we get a little taste to keep the Warship moving on to distant lands.
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Get Around Town with LYFT!

Sometimes you just need a ride. Whether the car’s in the shop, you and the crew are out on the town, or you don’t want to pay for parking at the game, choose our good friends Lyft. AND as a special bonus for signing up through us, you get your first $20 ride FREE! Sign up through our link or Promo Code: PURPLEFTW



PayPal2Donate via PayPal

When all else fails, we are NOT too proud to accept Straight Cash, Homie. Give a one-time donation (or recurring donation) via PayPal to the show to keep us rolling in creamy peanut butter, baby.



Buy Your Tickets on Seat Geek

Going to the game? Why not buy from the largest inventory on the web that even gives you the Deal Score to ensure that you’re getting the best bargain? Use PROMO CODE: PURPLEFTW when signing up to get a $20 rebate after your first purchase and keep the beserkers properly bezerked.



Andy The Yellow

Thanks in advance for the love & support.

The listeners are the only reason this show exists and continues to exist. As long as you guys tune in, the rebel Purple FTW! Vikings Warship will continue pushing on in search of new lands to settle and kingdoms to conquer.

-Andy The Yellow



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