Start the “Judas Allen” tweets and comments. **Eye Roll**

People need to calm down.

Jared isn’t Judas.

Jared isn’t Bendict Arnold.

We all knew that #69 wasn’t going to be part of the 2014 Vikings. JA simply went out and did what was best for him and his family with the remaining years he has left in his first ballot Hall of Fame career — He got paid, son.

4-years, $32million with $15.5 guaranteed. I will NEVER fault a professional athlete for getting the most money he can possibly get especially in the most violent sport with the lowest guaranteed contracts.

Jared essentially replaces Julius Peppers in 2013’s 31st ranked scoring defense in the league. There was only one team worse. We all know who that was…

Over the weekend it appeared JA was a lock to be in Seattle. It made sense on the surface, most players without a ring want a ring before they hang em up. And what better place to chase one than with the defending champs that are still relatively intact?

But more than jewelry, players want to get paid and he definitely did. Plus don’t write off the Bears. If Cutler stays healthy, their in the Super Bowl mix as much as any other team. I mean it’s not like Jared signed with the Browns or Jacksonville. Jared wants a chance at a ring AND his money. He’ll get both in Chicago.

Vikings Fans may have their undies all tied in knots because he’s staying in division with a quasi-rival, but whatevs. Jared being on the Bears has no real bearing on what we’re trying to accomplish in 2014 as a team.

We’re still: rebuilding that defense, finding a future franchise QB, and getting Greg Jennings out of witness protection and using him. The only thing that changes is that Matt Kalil will have his hands full twice a year against the Bears. Big whoop. Kalil will handle his business and we’ll do our best to win the North.


Plus let’s be real, Vikings fans. Jared gave us everything he had for 6 glorious seasons.

This is how I’ll ALWAYS feel about #69…




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