FTW 124 - WebsiteIn the theme of Mad Men, Sam Ekstrom (@SamEkstrom) of 105 The Ticket and Cold Omaha joined the show to make it two dark, handsome, mysterious, and creative dudes talking about Minnesota Fightin’ Vikings football. No smoking though because: 2015. And no drinking brown liquor because: 9am on a Monday. (Okay maybe a little brown liquor)

Also in the theme of the final season of Mad Men, I broke up the chat into two parts. Please enjoy! Preferably while sipping an ice cold Coca-Cola.

Part I Talking Points Include:
• Do you watch Mad Men?
• Intro to Sam: Why the Vikings?
• Start with 105 The Ticket and Cold Omaha
• Takeaways from the 2014 season
• What’s Teddy Bridgewater’s ceiling? Current QB comparisons?
• In-depth ON THE FIELD Adrian Peterson talk
• What does AP have left for 2015?
• What’s the ideal way he’ll be used in the offense?

Part II Electric Boogaloo:
• 2015 Draft notes
• How many instant contributors out of this year’s draft?
• Is Zimmer THEE long term guy? What about Norv?
• I ask sam about the future of Cold Omaha and 105 The Ticket. Where will both be in 5 years?
• Sam’s STONE COLD HOT TAKE (It’s a HOT one)
• The Gauntlet
• Mild degenerate gambling chatter. Craps FTW
• #WhoYaGot
• 2015 Vikings record prediction
• Who plays Sam in “Cold Omaha: The Movie”?
• What would a show featuring Sam & myself be called? (Ekstrom & The Azian?)

All that and other “Rick Spielman is BASICALLY Dom Draper” chatter on this edition of the Purple FTW! Podcast!

An Andy Carlson Joint.


Part I (44:31)

Part II (58:15)

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