FTW 122

There is no offseason in the NFL. Which means there’s no offseason for Purple FTW! Tom Shefchik (@Shefonomics), co-editor of Sporting Sota, joins us to talk Vikings and what’s new and different at SS. No shortage of Vikings news: Rookie Mini Camp happened over the weekend, Teddy took a high school girl to prom, and Jerry Jones refuses to let his Adrian dream die.

Other “That  Talking Points Include:
• Baby Shower Recap
• Theme From Last Episode: What will the 2020 Vikings look like?
• Vikings News
• Teddy Took a Young Lady to Prom
• Jerry Jones Keep Nudging At Adrian
• Ben Dogra Can’t Keep Clients
• Will Adrian Show Up For OTAs?
• Rookie Mini Camp Notes
• Tiny Richardson Retires
• 2015 Vikings Pro Bowlers Poll
• Tom Shefchik Interview
• Adrian Peterson Staying
• Teddy’s Progression
• Why I Don’t Like Russell Wilson (It’s a Dumb Reason)
• The Gauntlet
• 2015 Impact Rookie? 2015 Impact Rookie in 2020?
• Favorite Viking not named Randy Moss
• 2015 Record Prediction
• If the Vikings were guaranteed to win the Super Bowl within 5-years, BUT you have to pay double for gas for the rest of your life, Would ya?

All that and other “I wonder if Teddy went to post prom at the bowling alley” chatter on this edition of the Purple FTW! Podcast!

An Andy Carlson Joint.


Listen to the Episode Below (1:17:31)

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