AMD 3 - WebsiteNote: This is a cross post from my other project Andy Must Di: Minnesota Sports Talk (Kinda). It’s a variety show, but Di (@DiMurphyMN) and I talked at length about Adrian Peterson and the REAL face of the franchise Teddy Bridgewater. Figured it was worth a plug. Hope you enjoy and subscribe to AMD on iTunes!

Kevin Garnett returns to Minnesota, Adrian Peterson might be on his way out, and the Wild are hot despite a stumble to Deadmonton on this edition of Andy Must Di.

Other OTHER Talkers Include:
• KG back in the house. (Get Your 21 Jerseys Out)
• Does Andrew Wiggins have the “killer” instinct?
• The Wild are hot & making the damn playoffs. Dubnyk is standing on his head.
• Adrian’s “uneasy” about returning to the Vikings. Good for him.
• Andy lists his dream replacement(s) for Adrian Peterson
• Would you take a 2nd Rounder right now for Adrian?
• Is Teddy the face of the franchise? (Spoiler: Hell Yeah)
• Di Time! – AP coverage and the NFL Combine
• Andy tries to get a picture of Di when she was 25
• Eden Prairie vs Benilde St Margarets hockey fight
• Pacqiao-Mayweather finally get it on. Do we care?
• Tanking in Tennesse high school hoops FTL
• Mock Draft. Love or hate?
• Court/Field storming is dumb
• Marshawn Lynch is bout that trademark boss
• 35th Anniversary of Miracle on Ice
• Di has never seen “Miracle”. Andy has never seen “Slapshot”. What’s more egregious?
• Michael Sam to be on Dancing with the Stars (Nastia Liukin too, HELLO)
• Michele Tafoya vs Rosie in a hair replacement ad. Who ya got?
• Girl Scout Cookies – What’s your favorite?
• Little Caesars bacon wrapped pizza
• Former Viking FB Naufahu Tahi (Not for 12 men in the huddle)
• Game time: Play or Nay!!! – Minnesota Wild Edition.
• Twitter #AskAMD
• #Dumb140 – Andy airs out a particularly arrogant tweet
• Blocking on Twitter. What’s your policy? Who’s blocked you?
• House of Cards this Friday. You excite?

All of that and Andy defends his right to binge watch “House of Cards” season 3 in his underwear on this installment of Andy Must Di!

Andy Must Di – Minnesota Sports Talk (Kinda)



Listen to the Episode Below (1:46:11)

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Andy Must Di – Minnesota Sports Talk (Kinda)