01Teddy Bridgewater’s hurt and that sucks. Every fan is quick to go to the mattresses and try to bring in any quarterback who has worked with Norv Turner before, bring in one of NORVVV’s guys. Issue is a lot of these guys are untouchable (Brees, Rivers), or old (a lot of them), or terrible (also a lot of them). Plus Norv doesn’t have personnel power, but whatever.

Here’s a list of every quarterback Norv Turner has worked with — as a head coach or OC — since becoming the offensive coordinator for the Dallas Cowboys in 1991. Note: It does not include every training camp jabroni QB because Andy doesn’t work that hard.

Also note there’s only ONE quarterback who has played under Norv at multiple stops. You’ll never guess who it is…

Player Norv’s Role Years
Troy Aikman Cowboys (OC) 1991-93
Steve Beurlein Cowboys (OC) 1991-92
Jason Garrett Cowboys (OC) 1993
Bernie Kosar Cowboys (OC) 1993
Gus Frerotte Washington (HC) 1994-98
John Friesz Washington (HC) 1994
Heath Shuler Washington (HC) 1994-96
Trent Green Washington (HC) 1997-98
Jeff Hostetler Washington (HC) 1997
Brad Johnson Washington (HC) 1999
Rodney Peete Washington (HC) 1999
Casey Weldon Washington (HC) 1999-2000
Jeff George Washington (HC) 2000
Todd Husak Washington (HC) 2000
Doug Flutie Chargers (OC) 2001
Drew Brees Chargers (OC) 2001
Bart Hendricks Chargers (OC) 2001
Jay Fiedler Dolphins (OC) 2002-03
Ray Lucas Dolphins (OC) 2002
Sage Rosenfels Dolphins (OC) 2002-03
Brian Griese Dolphins (OC) 2003
Kerry Collins Raiders (HC) 2004-05
Rich Gannon Raiders (HC) 2004
Marques Tuiasosopo Raiders (HC) 2005
Andrew Walter Raiders (HC) 2005
Alex Smith 49ers (OC) 2006
Trent Dilfer 49ers (OC) 2006
Shaun Hill 49ers (OC) 2006
Philip Rivers Chargers (HC) 2007-12
Billy Volek Chargers (HC) 2007-11
Charlie Whitehurst Chargers (HC) 2007-09, 12
Jason Campbell Browns (OC) 2013
Armanti Edwards Browns (OC) 2013
Brian Hoyer Browns (OC) 2013
Alex Tanney Browns (OC) 2013
Brandon Weeden Browns (OC) 2013
Teddy Bridgewater Vikings (OC) 2014-16
Matt Cassel Vikings (OC) 2014
Christian Ponder Vikings (OC) 2014
Shaun Hill Vikings (OC) 2015-16
Taylor Heinicke Vikings (OC) 2015-16
Joel Stave Vikings (OC) 2016
Brad Sorensen Vikings (OC) 2016


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