Classic Episode: #52 – The Minnesota Vikings’ 4-Year Window to Win a Super Bowl

4 Year WindowAndy’s off this week taking care of a baby that is apparently his. But we have a week full of classic Purple FTW! episodes for your rube ears!

Note: This is a throwback episode from August 5, 2014. Thoughts are still applicable though!

The Minnesota Vikings have a fresh start with new head coach Mike Zimmer and future franchise QB Teddy Bridgewater.

I believe the Vikings have a 4-year window to win a Super Bowl.

Listen in and find out why.

An Andy Carlson Joint.


Listen to the Episode Below (27:32)

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  1. I think the window is cracked open right now, and will remain open for longer than four years. Teddy can play for 15+ seasons, the core of players are all young. In that sense this team has a much different composition than our 2009 team. I think the core of this team could be in playoff hunt for the duration of Teddy’s career.

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