MonthApril 2015

TONIGHT! LIVE 5-Hour Draft Stream

Tune into the Live Draft Stream during the 1st round of the Draft TONIGHT!

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Episode 119 – Last Minute Vikings Draft Takes with Luke Inman

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Purple FTW! Podcast – Episode 118 – The 2nd Annual Purple FTW’s ONLY MOCK DRAFT! (v1.0)

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Purple FTW! Podcast – Episode 117 – Vikings of Anarchy with Jill Hammy

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Purple FTW! Podcast – Episode 116 – Make it Rain on the Draft with Jackson McIntire of The Viking Age

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Purple FTW! Podcast – Episode 115 – Who’s Next? with Darren Page of Bleacher Report and VT

FTW 115 - WebsiteThe NFL Draft continues to ramble ever closer, so we had our man Darren Page (@DarrenPage) of Vikings Territory & Bleacher Report back on the show to drop some knowledge bombs about the names he fancies for the Minnesota Vikings in the upcoming culling of amateur talent into the professional ranks. Continue reading

I Love Hate You, Randy Moss (Part 3 of 3)

Moss - 03Note: This is the last installment of a three part series detailing my personal, complicated feelings about Randy Moss. I love him for the player he was, but hate him for what could have been. Hit it here for Part I and Part II. Continue reading

PODCAST! – Episode 114 – Vikings Mock Draft FIESTA!!!

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PODCAST! – Episode 113 – Vikings Draft Talk with Eric Galko of Optimum Scouting

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PODCAST! – Episode 112 – Vikings Game of Thrones with Eric Thompson of The Daily Norseman

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