MonthApril 2014

The 53 Most Important Minnesota Vikings Related Twitter Feeds in the History of Human Civilization (so far) (right now)


This fly-by-night Twitter fad seems to be sticking around.

We’ve updated and compiled our 53-Man Roster of Minnesota Vikings related Twitter accounts.

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This Wins the Day.


Glass half full approach.


No word yet if that count will keep going throughout the Vikings two year stay at the bank.

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New Stadium-Metrodome Video Board Comparisons




31-year old Adrian’s gonna look awesome in HD on the new Wilf Pyramid video boards.

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Purple FTW’s Only Mock Draft EVER!!!!!!!!!!! …Version 1.0


It’s Mock Draft season. We decided to join the fray.

We used the draft simulator over at to do a full 7-round mock draft for our beloved Minnesota Vikings.

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Friday Just Got Awesomer

PODCAST! The Daily Tree Fiddy – 04.10.2014




Purple FTW! Podcast – Ep 27 – The Daily Tree Fitty – 04.10.2014

Zimmer wants Adrian a Leader. Is AP up for it? We also talk about Adrian’s future with the Vikings.

Division I College Athletes deserve to be paid. We outline a possible solution.

Preseason schedule chat and a rant on “Things that cost too damn much”


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PODCAST! The Daily Tree Fiddy – 04.09.2014

Good Luck, Erin.

Happy Hump Day! (Worst phrase ever)

Today on the podcast, we talk RG3 and his new logo, Erin Henderson getting his life in order and trying to get back on the field, and we have an unorthodox solution for the Vikings 3rd RB vacancy featuring our personal favorite Zach Line.

“Riots after Sporting Events” is our pet peeve of the day.

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What Could’ve Been…

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PODCAST! The Daily Tree Fiddy – 04.08.2014

Dat hair…

Purple FTW! Podcast – Ep 25 – The Daily Tree Fitty – 04.08.2014

Mel Kiper Jr talking Vikings QBs. Wobby interviews Cordarrelle at the Voluntary Offseason Workouts. Josh Freeman to the Bears?

“RSVP Humble-Brags” is our pet peeve of the day.

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PODCAST! The Daily Tree Fiddy – 04.07.2014


This is the inaugural run of the Purple FTW Podcast’s “The Daily Tree Fiddy”.

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