MonthMarch 2014

Joe Webb. He Gone.

The Joe Webb Dynasty in Minnesota is over.

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Zach Line Got Hitched

2nd year Fullback/Running Back Zach Line was wed to his long time girlfriend over the weekend.

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[Podcast] Kevin Williams Tribute

Kevin Williams’ career as a Minnesota Viking is over.

We look back at K-Dub’s contributions for the past 11 seasons.


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Happy Birthday, Adrian Peterson!

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Jared Allen to the Seahawks. Kinda. Sorta. Maybe.

Jared had his second visit with the Seahawks on Thursday. Reports broke in the afternoon that he and the Super Bowl champs had reached a deal, but those were backpedaled on quicker than Richard Sherman on Michael Crabtree.

Jared left Seattle without a deal. For the 2nd time.
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#TBT – Remember Favre to Moss? Good Times.


Ah yes. That blissful stretch during the dumpster fire 2010 Vikings season where a All-Time Top-5 wide receiver and an All-Time Top-10 quarterback hooked up for a whole four weeks.

It would’ve been a helluva combination in 2005.

But… It was 2010.

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Teddy Bridgewater Would Be the Vikings Franchise QB for a Decade+. Pro Day be Damned.

From the sounds of things, you’d think that Teddy Bridgewater threw himself into undrafted free agent territory from his Pro Day performance Monday.

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Calling Chris Cook a Failure Would be Insulting to Failure

Calling Chris Cook a failure would be insulting to failure.

Untalented pariah is more fitting.

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Purple is the New Green

St Paddy’s Day is one of my all-time favorite holidays.

Not so much for the green beer, Guinness Extra Stout, or multiple rounds of Irish Car Bombs anymore – although they are all still delicious and very much have their place on this holiday. But more for what time of year the day signifies:

Warm weather is on the way, college basketball actually matters, and the NFL Draft is near.

Some random thoughts to have with your coffee (hopefully Irish Coffee) after the jump.

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[Podcast] Vikings QB Madness Tournament!!!

Purple FTW! Podcast – Ep 20 – Vikings QB Madness

The 54th Annual Minnesota Vikings QB Madness is upon us!!! And the odds are never in our favor.

Andy and the Gang determine the 2014 Minnesota Vikings starting QB bracket style because… EVERYTHING in March is determined bracket style.

Brackets & Spoilers after the jump!

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