MonthFebruary 2014

New Website. New iTunes.

A lot of change this week around our humble podcast.

This new website will go from beta test to the flagship domain. Excited about that. The old format was a solid, clean interface, but lacked the back-end items I liked to tinker with. The new WordPress platform will do until my cheap butt decides to farm out the website to more qualified people — which would be a large segment of the population. #TechNoob

The podcast stream will also be getting a makeover. Podomatic was good for us at the beginning, but Libsyn is a more viable option for us as we continue to crank out nonsense and start building a sizable catalog (hopefully).

A lot of neat stuff going on football wise. The combine is in the books, Free Agency kicks off March 11th, and the May 8th Draft will be here sooner than we think. It’s 13-month a year league and that’s one of the many, many reasons we love the NFL.

So there will be no shortage of things to talk about both on the new website/blog and podcast. Looking forward to it!

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Jadeveon Clowney is Randy Moss

(Photo: Keith Allison)

Jadeveon Clowney is polarizing.

Everyone agrees he’s a physical specimen, but some experts say they wouldn’t touch him because of his motor (or lack thereof) while others would snag him in a heartbeat. The former thinks Clowney took the entire 2013 season off and half-hearted effort – borderline laziness – is part of his character. The latter thinks he has the God-given ability to end up the NFL’s all-time sack leader.

The truth is somewhere in the middle, but no one knows which end of the spectrum is closest.

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Justin Gilbert

(Photo: KT King)

The Seahawks flipped the script on how to build defenses. Well… That might be a little far, but they definitely found a different way to build a mousetrap. A damn effective mousetrap.

Traditionally, NFL teams have looked to build their defense from the front backwards – have an elite front seven that can get to the QB and stop the run. The thinking was that any Tom, Dick, or Harry can play defensive back behind that.

Seattle ran that thinking backwards: Have two long, physical corners, throw in a MORE physical strong safety (long too), and put a future HOF at centerfield behind all of em.

Any Tom, Dick, and Harry can play in front of THAT.

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Khalil Mack

(Photo: Chad Cooper Photos)

I started this blog section to contain my daily Vikings/random thoughts. Some might make it on the podcast, others… Others not so much.

Khalil Mack.

I heard about this really talented LB from an obscure MAC school (Buffalo) last year. A guy who could get home against double and triple teams consistently. A guy who could still muddy a pocket even though the QB, O-Line, Coordinator, heck the entire stadium knew where he was on every play. Mack was good, but I figured he’d be another small school/small conference guy who’d fall by the wayside. Maybe be a solid special teams guy for an NFL team down the line.

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PODCAST! – Ep 16 – Quick Slants. 3rd Round Woes. Ryan Mallett is Ruby Tuesday

(Photo: Football Schedule)

Quick Slants: Purple Bonds. Upgrades at The Bank. Norv Turner. Khalil Mack. The Vikings SUCK at drafting in the 3rd round. Ryan Mallett is Ruby Tuesday.

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The Vikings SUCK at Drafting in the 3rd Round

Perhaps the Vikings’ 3rd round is built over an Indian Burial Ground.

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PODCAST! – Quick Slant – Michael Sam. 5 Reasons Why He Should Be a Viking

(Photo: mmtzjr69out)

Mizzou DE Michael Sam announced that he is gay on Sunday. He will be the first openly gay player in the NFL. 5 Reasons why he SHOULD be a Minnesota Viking.

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